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With Mecachrome Motorsport’s current LMP1, FIA Formula 2 and GP3 Series programmes underway, the French manufacturer is already looking towards the future, and the use of hybrid technology in its upcoming ventures.

Mecachrome has recently worked closely with ENATA Marine to develop an original and unique serial hybrid powertrain for their new FOILER motor yacht, which provides power and efficiency in all conditions, even when the boat is in the harbour using full electric propulsion with zero emissions.

The FOILER is a radical looking yacht, which is powered by a combination of two diesel-electric engines producing a peak power of 320 bhp, which in turn deliver the power to a couple of 140 Kw electric pods that drive the boat, in both the ‘Fly’ and ‘Float’ modes, all of which is designed by Mecachrome Motorsport and its design office TEOS.

This is controlled by the driver using a throttle leaver, with the system managing the diesel engines, generators, battery, rudders, temperature etc.

The boat has a maximum speed of 40 knots while raised on its foils (in ‘Fly’ mode), and a range in excess of 250 nautical miles. On top of this, the boat is also capable on running in a full electric mode, which saves fuel when travelling at under 10 knots.

Moving forwards, Mecachrome hopes that a similar level of hybrid technology can be adopted for its motorsport applications, namely aimed towards the soon-to-be-announced 2020/2021 LMP1 regulations.

The main intention for such technology would be to make it widely available to manufacturers, tailoring it to individual requirements, as well as accessible to privateer teams, allowing them to compete on a level playing field in terms of efficiency and performance.

Bruno Engelric, Mecachrome Motorsport Director, said: “With the future of LMP1 set to be announced at Le Mans, Mecachrome Motorsport is watching very closely, and is excited by the future challenges.

“Hybrid technology has progressively become a bigger part of the automotive industry in recent years, and it’s very important that motorsport continues to embrace this going forwards. Our project with ENATA offers a lot of transferable ideas and concepts that have potential in motorsport applications, so we are looking out for any chances to work on such a project.

“Taking LMP1 as an example, Mecachrome’s expertise with hybrid systems [engine, ECU, battery, electric motor] would allow us to work with manufacturers, who might not have the facilities to produce their own hybrid powertrains, but would be open to a potential partnership for its implementation.

“Our other objective with hybrid technology is to make it accessible for privateer teams. Currently, there is no option for teams with smaller budgets in the hybrid market, and Mecachrome wants to work on producing a package, which is affordable and also offers worthwhile performance advantages.”

For more information on the FOILER yacht, head over to their website.
Click here to watch “Enata Foiler, The Flying Yacht”.

Technical specifications:

Peak power: 175 kW
Continuous power: 128 kW
Maximum speed (output): 2750 rpm
Nominal torque: 470 Nm
Peak torque: 620 Nm
Weight: 70 kg
External diameter: 180 mm
Total length: 790 mm
Reduction ratio: 4.77 (customable)
Inertia (at output without propeller): 0.5 kg/m2
Cooling: Seawater
Mounting points: 4 x M8x1.5